Paving Hope

Paving Hope

Natyom believes that every student should be able to use their artistic abilities to benefit their communities, including but not limited to community events at temples, libraries, and public events. Paving Hope is the non-profit that has parthnered with Natyom. It is an organization focused on raising funds for various local charities. Paving Hope attempts to help the local community for people of various backgrounds, communities, races, and genders to have an accessible platform to collaborate in celebrating the arts. The non-profit uses funding from community events to support local charities and organizations.

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Paving Hope’s founder, Amulya Vajja’s inspiration for Paving Hope stemmed from her desire to have a positive impact and help her communities. As a child Amulya struggled to balance her Indian roots in an American society. When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Amulya wanted to give back to the community for the support her family had received during her moms treatment. She started Paving Hope as a way to use Indian dance and culture to support and give back to underserved communities.

Amulya Vajja

Founder and Promoter, Paving Hope

Paving Hope is an initiative that stemmed from our desire a community to do more for those who are less fortunate then us. Our goal is to empower those who are trying to change their lives in a new way, both children and adults. Our goal is to use dance, music, art and culture to promote awareness about the difficulties and situations that many of these individuals face as a reality. There are many people with big dreams and goals but are unable to follow those due to unfortunate circumstances. We would like to make an impact so that people of all religions, cultures, ethnicity’s can come together to follow their dreams.